About Studio 31A

Digital Production to Bring Your Ideas to Life

Leaders are focused on finding the right strategies to achieve their goals.

Studio 31A is focused on empowering leaders with the digital tools and support so that they can execute strategies effectively.

Through best-in-class support, an experienced team, and proven technology solutions, Studio 31A provides a solid foundation so creative leaders can move fast.

Our digital support packages are based on creative solutions and proactive project management. From there, we can scale with our clients to provide SEO, social media management, email marketing, website development, and analytics.

Studio 31A is a service brought to you by Flat Creek.

About Flat Creek

Flat Creek exists to empower and encourage leaders determined to make a dent in the world.

Since 2005, we have created products, content, and services to equip over 300 non-profits, campaigns, associations, and small businesses chasing freedom and opportunity with the tools to achieve their goals.

Headquartered near Boulder, Colorado, we have watched the Internet unleash a flood of innovative technologies, and yet audiences still fundamentally want to connect, provide, and achieve.

We’re in an age when more people access the internet from mobile phones than laptops, and more people have social network profiles than home phones.

Success requires embracing new models, and Flat Creek is committed to equipping leaders to take on these new challenges and win.

Meet the Team

Allen Fuller


Cathryn Clayton

Project Manager

Dave Patrick

Operations Manager

Amanda Dovel

Web Developer

Grace Clissold

Digital Specialist

Melanie Fuller

Chief of Staff

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